What Is Behavioral Analysis?

Wat is gedragsanalyse shutterstock_33938302What Is Behavioral Analysis?

Behavioral analysis is an interdisciplinary area of science in which research is done about the environmental factors that influence behavior systematically. At ADRIBA the term OBM is used; which stands for Organizational Behavior Management.

The main focus is the effects of reward and punishment on performance and (job) satisfaction. This entails both financial rewards and social, non-material rewards for the daily performance. Behavioral analysis is different from other approaches in following ways: 

1.     It focuses on performance that can be measures

2.     It’s based on proven methods that are replicable

3.    It’s technological in nature

4.    It’s socially relevant

5.    It includes the context

6.    It works with a Solution-focused approach 

Examples of current research subjects:

·         Developing a performance management questionnaire

·         Developing performance management software programs for recording and benchmarking performances, both within and between participating organizations

·         Developing a performance management business game/ simulation to investigate and raise the effects of training on performance