Why Would You Apply Behavioral Analysis?

Waarom gedragsverandering shutterstock_46801063.jpgAn interesting aspect about behavioral change as a focus in the Business Administration sciences, is that it’s always a current theme. Influencing and changing other people’s behavior is after all part of everyday life. For politicians, teachers, psychotherapists, management consultants, managers, and other professions it is ingrained within their professional role. Despite the importance of this subject, so far, little research had been done about it in the Dutch Business Administration discipline. Until recently, the knowledge from the science about behavioral change, the behavioral analysis, was only applied at smaller analytical units, such as individuals and families.  
It’s a good time to research the possible benefits of behavioral analysis within Dutch organizations, because of developments in both the Business Administration sciences, as in behavioral analysis sciences itself. Also, there’s a growing need for theories and methods that can be applied to improve performance significantly, advance processes of change, and which deliver ‘value for money’. ADRIBA aims to play a leading role in creating these theories and methods by offering its Products and Services. These products have and services are built upon solid scientific foundation and have shown their applicability within organizations.