Missie2The Aubrey Daniels Research Institute for Behavioral Analysis (ADRIBA) offers a platform for deepening, broadening, and spreading the science of behavior – known as behavior analysis. ADRIBA was founded in 2010. The name of the centre pays tribute to Aubrey Daniels, who was one of the first to make extensive use of the science of behavior analysis in business. ADRIBA uses literature by Daniels and other learning materials marketed by ADI, but other than that there is no formal relationship between ADRIBA and ADI in terms of combined marketing or sales. To watch the video message of Aubrey Daniels to ADRIBA, click here.

The central creed of ADRIBA is shaping performance. Performances are central at ADRIBA; and performance issues of organizations serve as a starting point. According to ADRIBA performance improvement is achieved through the principle of shaping ; or, in other words, gradually getting better every time. Thus, while we set high goals, there is always begun with a low sub-goal. This is comparable to a top athlete who begins training by setting realistic and achievable sub-goals and then continuously pushes themselves to raise the bar in order to achieve maximum results.

ADRIBA’s aim is applying behavioral analysis to improve and contribute to job satisfaction and job performance in European organizations.

Main Objectives:

  • Research and education at pan-European level
  • Connecting with similar institutes in the US and in the rest of Europe.
  • Guiding masters and PhD researchers in their Business Administration or Psychology research about the effectiveness of behavioral change interventions in organizations.
  • Publishing about results at different places and levels, varying from giving interviews, writing newspaper articles, masters and PhD theses, and professional and scientific publications


ADRIBA fulfils these objectives together with other parties in order to attain the best outcomes.