ADRIBA is a platform for the exchange of knowledge for both students, participants as organizations.  
ADRIBA is continuously looking for partners within the corporate world and within the government to bridge the aforementioned gap. Currently, the institute is proud to maintain an alliance with several Certified Partners, as well as other companies that have expressed their interest in OBM. 

Certified Partners (in alphabetical order):

BMD Advies
House of Performance
MCH Consultancy
Oenante (new!)
Pameijer & Partners

Other collaborations and candidate-partners (in alphabetical order):

De Bijl Coaching
Management in Motion 
MeerBusiness Amsterdam
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Interim Managers (NVIM)
People In Motion
Result Count
TNS Nipo
UNC Delta, via (here our OBM Practitioner course is also offered)

Ever since its start, ADRIBA has been engaging in dialogue with various parties of interest, mostly within the area of training and consulting. In exchange for access towards research cases in European organizations, the centre offers these parties knowledge and research results. This will offer them the opportunity to develop their individual capabilities.

There are three possibilities for operating as a partner of ADRIBA within the Dutch market:

1) As an accredited training partner

2) As an accredited re-seller

3) As an accredited associate consultant


All partners profit – apart from the evident financial aspect – from various benefits. Contact us for more information about this partner program and the opportunities it can offer you. 

ADRIBA is proud of the fact that the OBM practitioner program received a positive evaluation from Hobéon SKO. They rewarded 3 study points for the schooling of  Safety Experts and Industrial Hygienists regarding their re-registration within the independent register.

ADRIBA offers bachelors, masters and PHD-students Business Administration the opportunity to graduate in the subject of behavioral change. The institute is also a platform for companies that are interested in science and the application of knowledge about changing behavior. Both in the scientific world and in organizations themselves recognize that there is a gap between scientific knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge in everyday situations at work. ADRIBA want to bridge this gap. We hold meetings on a regular basis to inform people about research and the new insight it provides. ADRIBA strives for international cooperation with - mostly- American universities.

ADRIBA is where it is today due to the continuous effort of your volunteers. We are especially proud of the contributions of Maarten Sijmons, alumni of the Part Time Business Administration Master Program; who graduated on the practical application of OBM within a production environment.

At this point in time, ADRIBA enjoys the fruitful labor of process consultant Vroni Mulder and Student Assistant Shabi Shafei