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Showing Appreciation at the Office? No, Thanks - Article in The Wall Street Journal, November 2012 
Compliment is even veel waard als financiële beloning – Article on a Japanese study on the website, November 2012   
De Kracht van Consequenties - Article on HR Strategy, October 2010 
De geheimen van Gedragsverandering – Announcement dissertation Rietdijk, 2009
The Perfected Self – Article in The Atlantic on the renewed interest in the US on the work of B.F. Skinner, one of the main founders of the theory.
Antecedentenonderzoek - Veilig gedrag: Kwestie van aanleren? - Article in ARBO, May 2011 
ABC-analysis of Ethical Organizational Behavior – Article in Journal of Business Ethics, 1999 
Sociale media: hoe laat je de sneeuwbal rollen? – Article about the use of behavioral analysis on communication within the employment market on the website Werf&, 20/09/2011 
Blog Marius Rietdijk op HR-Communicatie Netwerk, includes a link to Youtube videos about the intervention at NedTrain.

Veiliger gedrag - Alleen belonen is effectief - Interview Dr. M. Rietdijk for Safety!, nr. 4 2011  
Gedrag veranderen voor leidinggevenden - Interview J.Kerkhofs voor P&Oactueel (web), July 2011 
Niets is zo praktisch als een goede theorie - Interview board ADRIBA in Expertise, May 2011 
'Belonen is het effectiefste middel om gedrag te veranderen' - Interview M.Rietdijk in NVVK Info, April 2011 
Bridging the Gap with OBM – Interview for ADI, 2010 


Link to a free pdf of B.F. Skinner’s book "Science and Human Behavior"  
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·         National Compliment Day 1st of March 2012

·         Video message from Aubrey Daniels to ADRIBA

·         Informative videos from Dr. Aubrey Daniels

·         Video of intervention Behavioral Management at NedTrain