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Offering the OBM Practitioner Program. Your clients will  learn how to work with OBM, which will cause OBM to be widely integrated within their organization. This will result in being able to work on more complex organizational performance issues together with your client. Moreover, there is the possibility to be called on by ADRIBA to work as a Trainer/Coach with one of their partners.


Form of Tuition

Role-playing, self-study, knowledge transfer, presentations, discussion, and the coaching of OBM Practitioners-in-training or current clients. 

The program includes lunch on its first day and the following literature is applicable:

·         Organisaties Conditioneren – dr. M.M. Rietdijk



The program will take place on multiple days during the week, and is spread throughout 8 months.

It consist of:

·         1 full day, consisting of group assignments

·         6 afternoons to discuss progress (coaching part) and presentations by the participants (training part)


The program load will be approximately one day a week during 8 months.

The exam is 1,5 hours and will take place at the VU.



You are able to make others happy with OBM. Your acquisition power on this area is increased and you have obtained the necessary tools to substantially motivate others to work with OBM.

After finishing the program you will be able to let your clients individually make a PVP and to have them be able to perform an intervention in practice. For example, as a trainer/consultant with one of your relations or internally. Or as a line manager within your own organization, you are able to help solve complex organizational issues much faster in order to significantly improve performance. This is because you are able to direct multiple people with various, linked PVP’s or because you have trained people in such a way that they are able to solve a performance issue on their own.


In addition, there is the possibility to obtain a license to teach the official OBM Practitioner program. By doing this you connect yourself as a partner to ADRIBA. You will train participants, in the same manner that you have been taught. Consequently, you will have the participants come at ADRIBA and to take their exam at the VU. When they pass, they will then receive a “Certified OBM Practitioner “certificate of the VU.


Admission Requirements
ADRIBA has the following admission requirements:

·         You are a certified OBM Practitioner

·         You have written at least one PVP dealing with an organizational issue.

·         Your motivation will be determined by means of an intake interview.


VU University Amsterdam
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
Route Description


The exam has 4 components:


1.     Coaching report: During the program you will maintain journal of all the conversations that took place between you and a coachee. At the end of the program you will hand in a complete report of this track. This will be done through Dropbox.

2.     Presentation: You will make your own slides. By presenting the material in a structured and powerful manner you are able to demonstrate that you fully grasp the material.

3.     Commercial Flyer: a written flyer that is centered around your personal specialization/theme (e.g. absenteeism, safety, process optimization, healthcare etc.)

4.     Final Exam: You will be responsible for delivering an ‘Awareness Session’ of 40 minutes + 20 minutes of answering questions of the exam committee + 30 minutes of discussing and reviewing the previously mentioned components.


When successfully completed you will receive the certificate “Certified OBM Trainer/Coach” of the VU.


Your Investment

Costs 2017 per participant:  € 3.995,- (exempt from VAT) 


Returns: These costs can quickly be recovered. Due to the fact that you are able to give workshops yourself and/or you will be able to solve more complex problems related to linked PVP’s. Also, you can be called on by ADRIBA or one of the partners as a Trainer/Coach or consultant to assist in solving complex issues.

During the program you will practically develop your own training material, like for example the commercial flyer, which after testing can immediately be used for your activities as a Trainer/Coach!


The costs include exam fees, literature, and arrangement costs.

The minimum number of participants is 6 and the maximum is 12. If the number of participants is too low, or the capacity is reached, the application date will move up to the next starting point. If this does not suit you, please contact us.

This program is only provided once a year, so register now, so that you are able to profit from OBM and behavioral analysis as soon as possible!


Schedule 2017 
Q1: 12 Jan - 7 SeptSome places filled

Workshop data Q1: 12/01 (9.00-17.00),  09/02, 90/03, 06/04, 11/05, 08/06, 70/09 (13.00-17.00). Examendag:  28 of 29 September 2017.

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