ADRIBA offers several products and services to individuals and organizations who want to apply behavioral analysis to make a difference:

ADRIBA has the aim to widely spread the science of behavioral analysis and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), so that as many people as possible are able to enjoy the benefits of the scientific and practical approach it offers. At ADRIBA, we consider behavior to be the basis of all organizational issues. By obtaining knowledge on the theory and the practical applicability of behavioral analysis you will be able to perform your job much more effectively. You will learn to map, analyze, and visibly improve your performance.

With this approach a number of organizational issues will be addressed. Think about for example organizational change, cultural change, increasing output, quality improvement, decreasing absenteeism and accidents in the workplace, improving leadership capabilities (through less pressure, and more enjoyment), increasing sale revenue, and effectively dealing with rewards and bonuses – just to name a few.

Our products and services can be used by (interim) managers, consultants, and HRM advisors who want to apply this method within or beyond their organization. Moreover, we also offer separate customized programs, which for example can be used by consultants or safety experts. This can be arranged together in cooperation with you.

If you have any questions about our available programs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to meet you!

ADRIBA offers:

·         OBM Programs

·         Training

·         Coaching

·         Behavior management Audit

·         Performance Management Software

·         Online questionnaires about Leadership behavior


OBM Programs
IN 2013 ADRIBA offers the following workshops:

·         Basic workshop: “Principles of Behavioral Change in Organizations”

Training to become a: Certified OBM Practitioner

·         Follow-up workshop: “Coaching of Behavioral Change in Organizations”

Training to become a: Certified OBM Trainer/Coach

·         Advanced workshop: “Leading of Complex Behavioral Change within Organizations”

Training to become a: Certified OBM Expert (more information will follow asap)



At ADRIBA you can hire a behavior management consultant to supply In company training in your organization. The training is scientifically sound and yet very practical in nature. Usually you’ll start your acquaintance with behavioral management with an Awareness Workshop, followed by a training program at management level. In this training program, managers learn how to make a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and how to carry it out successfully. With this plan, you can improve the performance of your employees and root that performance securely at the workplace in a scientifically sound manner. This approach is an excellent combination with other interventions like Lean, Six Sigma, ITIL, etc.  


During the aforementioned training and education you’ll learn how to make and implement a Performance Improvement Plan yourself. On top of that, additional guidance for implementation is available, should the need arise during or after training and education. You can hire a certified coach at ADRIBA to support you in the introduction and rooting of your own Performance Improvement Plan in your organization.  
Even more, this option is interesting for managers who want to work as a behavioral management trainers in their own organization. The coach will then support you in implementing the Performance Improvement Program and you’ll learn how to transfer the obtained knowledge to other managers. After this, you can act as an Awareness Trainer and as a change agent for this approach in your organization yourself. This will improve the return on your investment even more.


Behavior Management Audit 
What is the potential for improvement in your organization? How much can you safe or even add because people behave differently? The Behavior Management Audit offers you the possibility to gain new insights about this.  
This audit is scientifically sound and tested in practice. It provides a clear indication of the potential for improvement in your organization that is based on concrete research criteria. This costs and benefits of achieving this potential will be calculated so the business case is clear.

This software gives clients the possibility to use our Software platform for performance measurement in their organization.

Online Survey about Leadership Behavior 
Under this option, employees can be asked to answer questions about their manager online. These answers will then be used for coaching the manager.